Victoria Von Helkine

Victoria Von Helkine is an Adult entertainer and model that was falsely convicted of murder and sentenced to 25 years-to-life, essentially because she was a sex worker. She is a US Navy Veteran, college-educated, and has no criminal history prior to being arrested with no probable cause. She was not found in the area of the crime, there were no witnesses, and no motive. She was also charged with unlawful use of a firearm, but no firearm was produced at her trial or found in her possession. Even though it was irrelevant to her case, the judge allowed her involvement in the adult industry to be discussed at length. That's how the District Attorney was was able to convince the jury to put her away for life.
Victoria has received a packet forom the governor to apply for a pardon. She also has a mother, father, and stepmother with terminal illnesses. She has been writing the governor regularly, as she has been caring for her family from prison. Two weeks ago, the governor sent in a representative to interview her and it seems she is poised to be released. This really gives her hope as it has been her dream to be able to go take care her parents since she found out they had terminal illnesses. If you would like to contact her in support, please email her at